Reverse Proxy

I have successfully installed a production version of ELK. I'm using HAProxy as a reverse proxy to route traffic from 443 to 5601 for kibana. I can do a wget and pull the webpage down but can not reach the kibana landing page from the browser. I'm wondering there is something wrong with the kibana.yml file, any help?

Hi ,
Can you hit Kibana directly, bypassing the proxy?

@jbudz - can I get some help here? Also checkout Kibana behind Haproxy : A basepath problem? - #4 by Oliv may be some ideas you may get ?

Yeah +1 to rashmi - could be base path related. Is kibana served under a subdirectory? What error are you seeing when you visit kibana? Usually a request to root will cause a redirect, so it's possible we're seeing a redirect to the wrong page.

Can you share the kibana proxy portion of your config?

Yes, what settings would you like to see?

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