RFI: Performance Degradation on AWS with F5 BIG IP (VE)

We've deployed an Elastic Stack Cluster (Kibana and 3 node cluster) behind an F5 BIG IP (VE) running on AWS. When we attempt to use F5 "Portal Access" method, we see a 300% degradation in performance when compared to a mirror image cluster accessed directly (i.e. sans F5 virtual appliance). When we access the same exact cluster directly via a VPN Tunnel everything works nominally. We've had a case open with F5 since April.

We're posting this topic to the Elastic Community in hopes of finding someone who has successfully deployed Elastic Stack V5.x Cluster on AWS behind an F5 BIG IP (VE) V13.x Virtual Appliance using "Portal Access" method.

While we sincerely appreciate any suggestions to use NGINX, Elastic Cloud, et al -- we really want to focus on finding someone who's "blazed this trail " (or abandoned same).

Many thanks in advance

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