RKE/Rancker 2.0 and Filebeat not sending logs

I have a single server RKE cluster, with Rancher on top for testing. I then deployed elasticsearch and kibana using the helm charts to a namespace called elasticsearch.

I then install filebeat using the official elastic helm charts with something like this: helm install filebeat elastic/filebeat --namespace elasticsearch

Filebeat daemonset starts up, and turns green status, and I can see it is looking for logs in /var/log/containers/, but then when I go into Kibana and click "Index Management" there is no index created, and I would have expected one called filebeat-* or something like that.

I tried installing metricbeat using the same method, and it seems to work fine, with metric information going into an index called metricbeat-*

Is there some missing step you need to do if you are on an RKE/Rancher cluster?

It looks like it may be related to this issue. I am not running my docker data root in the typical /var/lib/docker location: https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/16456

Hi @wrender,
Indeed, Filebeat pod is mounting /var/lib/docker/containers (see daemonset.yaml) and is expecting to find your containers here.

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