Rsyslog input : Any way to disable severity and severity label?

Hello guys,

I noticed that some logs I collect have a field "severity" (ips logs). This is in conflict with the field "severity" which is related to my syslog input : severity of syslog is long and severity of ips logs is string (i.e "high"). This way, my ips log can't be indexed

I didn't found a way to disable all fields related to sysog input : severity, severity label, facility and facility label. Do you know a way to achieve this ? (or a workaround)

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Remove or rename the offending fields in the filter section.

If renaming fields, consider ECS naming standards :slight_smile:

Hey @rugenl ! As syslog severity field and my ips severity log field have the same name, don't you think all will be removed ? How logstash could make the difference ?

Are you sending them to the same input? Same pipeline? Use separate pipelines to process different logs, with appropriate filters for each.

I've got a dedicated pipeline for these logs.
If I remove fields, for example, "severity" and "severity_label" which are produced by syslog input, how logstash will know that he don't have to remove the field "severity" which is produced by ips logs (the message) ?

Solved by removing syslog fields "severity" and "severity_label" before the kv filter :slight_smile:

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