Ruby exception occurred: can't convert String into Integer

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This is my Ruby filter code in logstash:

           message_array = event.get("message").split("\n\n[")
       	   message_array.each do | index |
       	         if index!=0
       	              event.set("Rule#{index}", "[" + message_array[index])

I am getting the error on run:

[2018-02-08T19:01:18,716][ERROR][logstash.filters.ruby ] Ruby exception occurred: can't convert String into Integer

The problem is in the line: event.set("Rule#{index}", "[" + message_array[index])

If I do as below, it works fine:

           event.set("Rule1", "[" + message_array[1])
       	   event.set("Rule2", "[" + message_array[2])

Can you pls help me to understand where the conversion from string to integer happens?


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In order to be able to iterate over an array's index you'll need each_index, not each.

So you generally have:
each |item| : iterates over items.
each_index |index| : iterates over indices.
each_with_index |item, index| : iterates over both.

As for the string to int error, it's probably due to some interpolation issue. Always try and explicitly convert types to avoid such pitfalls.

So the above would be:

message_array = event.get("message").split("\n\n[")
message_array.each_index do | index |
    if index!=0
        event.set("Rule"+index.to_s, "[" + message_array[index].to_s)

or if you prefer one-liners for brevity,

message_array = event.get("message").split("\n\n[")
message_array.each_index { |index| event.set("Rule"+index.to_s, "[" + message_array[index].to_s) unless index == 0 }

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