Ruby Filter change in 5

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Hi, I have been using a Ruby filter for some of by information, however since I have upgraded to 5 these no longer work. I have tried to understand exactly what changes under however without success. Could I kindly get assistance with the change of the filter to be compatible again with Logstash 5?

Here are my two filters I use:
ruby{ code=>"event['Duration_m'] = (event['Duration_s'] / 60.00).round(2)" }

ruby{ code=>"event['vol_KB'] = (event['vol_bytes'] / 1000)" }

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the bottom of the page you list ([Breaking changes] summarizes what you are facing... see the bottom of the link, under:
'Ruby Filter and Custom Plugin Developers'. It's a nice summary of what changed in ruby filter and how you need to modify your code.

The link Magnus lists goes into the change in more detail.

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Thank you very much @magnusbaeck and @fh8510, I will go through the documentation and try to find the correct syntax to be compatible in 5 again.

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