Ruby set first day of next month?


Is it possible to get the first day of the next month using ruby? I need to to update some documents with a future date in a format such as 2019/07/01.

I tried using date and today but none of them seem to work. Logstash either crashes on start or gives error such as Ruby exception occurred: uninitialized constant LogStash::Filters::Ruby::Today.

ruby {
   code => "event.set('current_time', Today.at_beginning_of_month.next_month)"

Probably, but you cannot use RoR or active_support extensions. You will have to do it the hard way. Something like this perhaps?...

    ruby {
        code => '
            t =
            y = t.year
            m = t.month
            if m == 12
                m = 1
                y += 1
                m += 1
            event.set("nextMonth",, m, 1).to_s)

I have not tested that for anything except today.

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Thanks, that script works beautifully.

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