Ruby to expand nested array field into nested JSON objects


This is an example format of a JSON field that I have now and wish to convert:

	"target": [
		"Sector1 - Subsector1",
		"Sector2 - Subsector2"

The end result desired JSON Objects Output format that I need:

	"target": [{
		"Sector": "Sector1",
		"Subsector": "Subsector1"
	}, {
		"Sector": "Sector2",
		"Subsector": "Subsector2"

I used 2 sector-sub sector pairs in the example above, however in my data it is not just restricted to a 2 pair; they could be a 1 pair or 3 pair as well. Hence I need a code template that can accommodate all scenarios.

I've done some research and found out most answers given related to this topic used the Logstash Ruby filter, but there wasn't a exact example that I could follow, I am not proficient in Ruby language so if anyone here can help with the Ruby code to perform the above dynamic conversion it will be very much appreciated!


you need to use aggregate function, to load the data


Can you elaborate more on this, or provide an example?

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Try this snippet to see if it suits your needs.

filter {
    ruby {
        code => "
            arr = []
            event.get('target').each { |k| arr << {:Sector => k.split(' - ')[0], :Subsector => k.split(' - ')[1]} }
            event.set('target', arr)


I tried your code, unfortunately it returned the same result as my original format.

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Yeah, my bad. Was a failed copy/paste on my end. Fixed it above, try it now.

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