Running Filebeat on a weekly basis

I have a requirement , where i have to run filebeat on a weekly basis , once a harvesting is done on a specified time frame i want the particular file to be harvested after a week , so any changes to be done in filebeat.yml ??


from your description I think you are looking for some scheduled harvesting. that feature its not something that we currently offer in filebeat. You might have to roll you own, maybe with a crontab.

Also, what is the reason to only want to read the files once every week?

Reason is I want to send a csv file to elasticsearch on a weekly basis , i.e on a same csv file data will be updated on a particular day in a week.This needs to be done recurvisely

I don't think you to schedule the beats, if you make the beats watch a file or a directory, It should pickup the changes when they are done and the rest of the time it wont do anything.