Running Metricbeat for a long time everyday at the same time

Hi everyone,

Brief background about my problem:

I need to run Metricbeat on my machine that is located in a different region (I don't live there), and that region does not have a reliable wifi connection. I need to receive performance metrics about the system module and visually view it through Kibana.


  1. Is there any way to run Metricbeat for a long time everyday at a specific time such as 8am - 6pm? You can provide all your suggestions and I can explore them. The one I know is running it in a docker on EC2 instance, but that needs reliable wifi connection.

  2. What happens if Metricbeat fails, can it reset on its own? As you know I don't have access to the machine, so I need it to do this automatically.

  3. Is there a way to show Metricbeat performance data such as CPU and Memory usage directly in Kibana APM or Kibana dashboards wihtout dealing with Elasticsearch metrics documentations?

I appreciate any feedback/suggestions, we can all learn together. :grinning:

Hi @EZprogramming,

Metricbeat doesn't implement mechanisms for scheduling or restarting itself, as this is normally handled by the operative system.

Have you considered configuring a cron job to launch metricbeat when you need it? you can probably script something to stop it after a while, for instance, by sending a TERM signal to the metricbeat process.

If you setup Metricbeat dashboards you should be able to see system info (including CPU/mem) in the system dashboard.

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