Running multiple pipelines and a single pipeline triggered with shell script simultaneously


I have 5 pipelines already running on linux server.
The conf files are listed in a pipeline.yml and it has already been started with sudo systemctl start logstash, up and running.

I created another single pipeline (single.conf) and a shell script which triggers execution of single.conf. I want to set a cron job and execute shell script once in a day.

Now the problem is, if i start shell script, it triggers single.conf but logstash is already running and it doesn't work.

Do you have any suggestions?

I solved this problem and it works fine.

Cron job triggers

** * * * export LOGSTASH_KEYSTORE_PASS=your_pass_here && cd /etc/logstash/config/ && /bin/bash .sh > /etc/logstash/config/output.log 2>&1

And I defined my single.conf pipeline in shellscript:


It is important to create a folder as a new for this purpose and give the rights with chmod +x.

Logstash uses /logstash/data as default even if is not set in logstash.yml.

In single.conf, you can set your normal input, filter and output.

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