Runtime: VirtualAlloc of 1056768 bytes failed with errno=1455

Hi All,
Wondering whether any one can help me understand what happened. Been running filebeat for the past 6 months, and have been upgrading accordingly to our logstash. Currently on version 7.7

Never has it crashed out and it recovered after i manually restarted the service.
The host OS is Windows Server 2012 R2 - 6 CPU - 12GB RAM
The largest log file i am reading can reach 2GB in a single day. There are another 5 log files i am reading and these reach around 30MB

    runtime: VirtualAlloc of 1056768 bytes failed with errno=1455
    fatal error: out of memory

    runtime stack:
    runtime.throw(0x280317d, 0xd)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:774 +0x79
    runtime.sysUsed(0xc0013c8000, 0x102000)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/mem_windows.go:83 +0x230
    runtime.(*mheap).allocSpanLocked(0x46248e0, 0x81, 0x4642b88, 0x203000400000000)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/mheap.go:1228 +0x203
    runtime.(*mheap).alloc_m(0x46248e0, 0x81, 0x100, 0x84affff)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/mheap.go:1022 +0xd0
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/mheap.go:1093 +0x53
    runtime.(*mheap).alloc(0x46248e0, 0x81, 0x8010100, 0x5b1a648)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/mheap.go:1092 +0x91
    runtime.largeAlloc(0x100020, 0x1, 0x5b1a648)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/malloc.go:1138 +0x9e
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/malloc.go:1033 +0x4d
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:370 +0x6b

    goroutine 155 [running]:
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:330 fp=0xc00055f868 sp=0xc00055f860 pc=0x45faf0
    runtime.mallocgc(0x100020, 0x2491f80, 0xc000fa5401, 0xc0000ea580)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/malloc.go:1032 +0x8d4 fp=0xc00055f908 sp=0xc00055f868 pc=0x40d3d4
    runtime.newobject(0x2491f80, 0xc0000ea580)
    	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/malloc.go:1151 +0x3f fp=0xc00055f938 sp=0xc00055f908 pc=0x40d6ef

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