S3 plugin with path wildcard support

The same message has been popping up for a while now: it would be really handy if an existing ELK setup could be moved to the cloud, and part of this is of course porting the file plugin to s3 (or am I missing another option?).

This process appears rather straightforward if you are watching a single file, yet having a "path" (as it is called in the file plugin) with wildcards, such as this, doesn't appear to be supported.

file {
path => "d:/elasticdata/**/server.log*"

Is this a planned future feature? Or are there technical limitations that I should be aware of (which prevent this)?

PS: I certainly hope this will not become the next "closed after 28 days of inactivity" message on exactly the same topic...

Have you looked for a GitHub issue that covers this use case? If none exists I suggest you create one.

Issue posted on logstash's github repo: http://github.com/elastic/logstash/issues/8570

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