Safely deleting indices

I wanted to clean up old indices so I deleted them. Now, I have started seeing the following exceptions.

[2018-12-31T07:22:02,260][WARN ][o.e.i.s.GlobalCheckpointSyncAction] [elkelastic01.host1] unexpected error during the primary phase for action [indices:admin/seq_no/global_checkpoint_sync], request [GlobalCheckpointSyncAction.Request{shardId=[log_type1-2018.12.23][20], timeout=1m, index='log_type1-2018.12.23', waitForActiveShards=1}]

org.elasticsearch.index.IndexNotFoundException: no such index

[2018-12-31T07:22:02,261][INFO ][o.e.i.s.GlobalCheckpointSyncAction] [elkelastic01.host1] [log_type1-2018.12.23][20] global checkpoint sync failed

Is the DELETE call not a distributed commit? Will these exceptions stop after some attempts ?

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It is, but assuming this is the same cluster as before it has so many shards that cluster state publishing might be happening rather slowly.

They should do, yes.

Slow is fine. Will the HTTP call return before the distributed commit is completed?

I was thinking that if the HTTP call has completed then these logs should not be showing up.

Possibly, yes. If it returns 200 OK then the deletion has been committed and will eventually reach all nodes.

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