Hello dear,
Is there sampling_rate in filebeat service ?
For example,
sampling_rate: 0.1, it means 0.1 is 10/100 or 10%. So, filebeat will send the logs only 10% of logs.

sampling_rate or sampling_filter maybe...

Sampling is not supported by beats yet.

Thank you very much for your confirmation.
Will it be implemented in the future maybe ? :slight_smile:

We're thinking about adding QoS, rate limiting, and sampling. Even in conjunction with defining groups, group hierarchies, and conditionals, so to allow you to configure actions (e.g. more aggressive filtering) on soft and hard limits.

Some experimental code here (I'm not yet satisfied by it, though):

What is interesting is that, how your old system was able to perform good using this cursed DAQ Assistant. If you want to program NI hardware properly, do not use DAQ Assistant! It initializes and releases HW at every iteration! Use proper DAQmx functions! Create/start task BEFORE the loop, and only stop it AFTER! You should have only the "DAQmx" function inside the loop.

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