Schedule options in Monitor.Config to have string compatibility for cron jobs?

Hello, we are working on browser monitors and using synthetics/journeys. We have been using the schedule interval in monitor.use for our browser monitors and it is working fine if we only provide the time interval in numbers. Is there a way to schedule them using cron jobs schedule like below ?

        id: 'CronJob',
        schedule: '1/5 * * * *',
        tags: ['Cron Job Scheduler']

@vigneshshanmugam - Can you help me out on this, please ?

Hi @Sandy_K,

Welcome to the Elastic community!

Cron-based schedule expressions are not supported in Synthetics at the moment, only the legacy Uptime and standalone Heartbeat support it for lightweight checks.

If your use case requires support for them, I'd like to encourage you to share it with us on Github so that we can discuss it internally.

Thank you for answering, Emilio. I will certainly share my use case in GitHub.