Schema Registry integration with Logstash kafka input plugin

Hi All,

We are trying to setup Kafka Schema registry integration with Logstash. However we have below questions to understand before we start with. Can someone please help with this.

  1. We have multiple dynamic schemas in schema registry and when ever there is a change in schema, our Logstash pipeline should accommodate this new change in schema and should not break the pipeline. Is it possible to achieve this?

  2. Ideally a schema registry can have multiple schema versions associated with. Basically we point to schema_registry_url in logstash input plugin. Can we identify what schema version of the schema registry the read message is associated with?

For example: message1 and message2 are consumed from same topic. message1 is using schema1 and message2 is using schema2. Can we identify message1 is using schema1 in Logstash pipeline?
If yes - How can we identify? Is it part of event message.
If no - We wanted to know the reason. Because we point to schema_registry_url in input plugin.
Ideally we are not reading one schema but complete schema registry which should contain all the schemas.

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