Search result description issue

Search result description is showing "Loading error messages" which are part of the page. This is happening even after adding the "data-swiftype-index=false" to those tags in the page. See screenshot below, any recommendation will be great? We are using SFDC for our communities portal.

Hey there!

Has the engine or affected pages been recrawled since the "data-swiftype-index=false" tag was added to the respective containers? If not, it will be required in order to refresh the documents.

You can also verify the content extracted from the page via the Live Index Preview tool in the Manage > Contents > Details section of the dashboard:

Yes we recrawled the pages. In fact we deleted the domain and added again. Also I could see it in the content section.

Hmmm... there's potentially another issue at play. Does your webhost cache pages at all, or always feed the latest content to client requests?

This may be better suited to evaluate further via a support case:

When writing in, please include details like your account login, engine key, and some sample links to pages that you'd expect to be respecting the tag but don't appear to be and we'll be able to help further. Thanks!

Forgot to mention, we are adding the attributes onload using a custom JS. Since we don’t have much control over SFDC templates. Could that be issue as well?

With regards the webhost cache i will need to check. We did a push to production and added the domain back in swiftype, not sure if that production push deletes the cache or not.

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