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I need a help please, I have searched many topics and didn't find the answer.

I need to pass result of search as parameters like in SQL : SELECT * FROM Table Where Field_1 = (SELECT Field_1 FROM Table WHERE Field_2 = 'searched_data')

Here is my search in elasticsearch.

 GET _search
  "query": {
    "query_string": {
    "default_field": "msgbody",
     "query": "searched_data"
 "_source": ["thread_name"],
 "size" : 1

I tried to pass in params but didn't find the right way:

 GET _search/template
   "source" : {
    "query": { 
    "match_phrase" : { "{{my_field}}" : "{{my_value}}" }
 "params" : {
  "my_field" : "thread_name",
  "my_value" : "my_search_results"

So my question is it possible to get result like SQL?

In case that's not possible, do you have any suggestion to get simular result?

Best Regards


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Up please any response will help me.

Thank you.

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Please read

Specifically the "be patient" part.

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You can't do that automatically so you need to solve that on your side (client side).
You will end up doing multiple calls.

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Thank you for your Help.

I know this is hard to answer every one.

I will be patient.

Best Regards


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