Search Within the Body of documents

This version doesn't seem to be able to access the content of the body. Is the connector to dropbox or a configuration within elasticsearch necessary?

Hi Steve,

You are correct that the content is not yet extracted. We are planning to add this in the subsequent betas. You'll get it automatically when we do — no configuration required.


Great, I am ready for new beta releases. I need some body indexing.


Hi Quin Hoxie

Did you solve any problems in this topic? I have tried using enterprise search beta 2 and still cannot search within the body documents.


This was not released as part of beta 2. It is still planned for an upcoming beta, though.


When is next beta expected ?


Good question - inquiring minds want to know for sure. +1 from Boston.

I'm also curious what people looking at enterprise search use cases see as the minimum required data sources to be supported? Indexing cloud only sources? Or on-prem sources as well?

Hello, we have bunch of Wikis, sharepoints, and some JIRA and also Salesforce objects (cases, knowledge base articles, ...)

I would like to make them searchable in one place,

Makes sense ?

Sure, very common enterprise search use case - one search to rule them all. Are all of those platforms in the cloud, or on-prem, or a mix?

on-prem for Wikis, Sharepoints and JIRA. Hosted for SFDC.
So, mixed is probably best answer.

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