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Hi there,
Can ElasticSearch be used to search through Google Books?
There are some issues with how search results are organised- they are best explained over at Stack Exchange- where they didn't initially appear to be clear enough.
Suppose we search for a near contiguous set of terms known to be associated with a sentence or phrase, but the OCR technology barfs some of the characters in the text of books which may contain them. Let's take "Hello My Elastic World". To reduce the chance of this happening, we then try for "Hello" "My" "Elastic" "World", which is great, because if the "r" in "world" turns out to be "?", courtesy of OCR, Google will still return results for "Hello" "My" "Elastic".
But, unfortunately, in the search results, there is no rhyme or reason as to how close together those terms might be. I have discovered situations where "Elastic" might be 30 pages after "My" in a search result. Or it might even be before it.
Yet, go to page 100 of the search results, and find a result where "Hello" "My" "Elastic" are on the same text page, and are close together.

In the context of above, has anyone here any idea of how Google order their results they way they do?
Thanks for reading!

The way google approaches search is entirely different to the way Elasticsearch works. I am not sure how much anyone would know and/or be able and willing to share about what they do .

Thanks. Best probably asked at the Google forums, but, do you know if there been any interest from 3rd parties as to promote negotiations in further developing Google Book search?

No idea sorry.

I wonder if you could run something like a phrase match query with a fuzziness factor? That's sadly something you can't do directly but as proposed in Combine Phrases search AND fuzzy matching you can may be use span queries?

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