Selecting from single column in database table without column name

I am a newbie.

Using Logstash to load data from a database.. The column jasondata contains a json string.

"SELECT jsondata FROM [test].[dbo].[employees]" and in ElasticSearch I get

{"1":223,"firstName":"Standford","lastName":"Gytesham","email":"","gender":"Male","language":"Ndebele","phone":"664-417-5923","university":"Universidad Mayor"},

where jsondata becomes a field in Elastic.
Is it possible to not have the jsondata: ?

You mean you want fields named 1, firstName, lastName and so on instead of jsondata? Use a json filter to process the jsondata field.

Thanks very much that solved it.

An addendum. When I load a row containing
cars": {"car1":"Ford","car2":"BMW","car3":"Fiat"}

it is fine.

When using

"cars":["Ford", "BMW", "Fiat" ]

it ignores the row.

Yes, because the cars field by then has been mapped as an object and then you can't store string data in it.

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