Selecting Required Fields in the Default Search UI After Crawling

I am using Web Crawler within the app search.
When the crawling was completed, I used the default search UI to search the results.

Within the results, I am able to see all the fields. I just want to see a few fields in the UI.
I experimented by using the Result Settings, where I could choose specific fields.
When I try the search UI, also after the selection I am able to see all the fields.

Can you let me know the way to just see the few required fields rather than all the raw fields? Is it possible with "Result Setting", or do I need to work on the Search UI?

For example in the above image i just want "title" and "links" fields.

Able to select the required fields by downloading the zip package and making the changes in the engine.json. Where I removed a few fields and ran locally using npm.

Is there any other way than this?

Nope, that's the right way.

App Search's Result Settings allows you to customize what results are sent if the request doesn't explicitly specify which fields to request. However, when you generate a search experience, the code is generated to explicitly request fields. This is done so that changes to your engine (adding new fields, changing the result settings, etc) does not have accidental side effects on your UI.

It's not expected that you would use the generated Search UI in production, but just take the generated zip package to use as a starting place for hosting your own search experience.

If you have a support relationship with us though, I'd suggest reaching out to your support contact to request that they file an Enhancement Request on your behalf, if you'd like to see this behavior changed.

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Thanks @Sean_Story for the information.

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