Send data in seperate lines from beats

Hi ,

We are configuring Siebel app server monitoring and we are running a batch file in execbeat . our output looks like below .

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Connected to 13 server(s) out of a total of 13 server(s) in the enterprise



D1220001027A FSMSrvr Online Auto 0 20 File System Manager
D1220001027A ServerMgr Running Auto 4 20 Server Manager
D1220001027A SRBroker Running Auto 29 100 Server Request Broker
D1220001027A SRProc Running Auto 2 20 Server Request Processor
D1220001027A SvrTaskPersist Running Auto 1 1 Server Task Persistance
D1220001027A SCBroker Running Auto 2 2 Siebel Connection Broker
D1220001027A SvrTblCleanup Shutdown Manual 0 1 Server Tables Cleanup
D1220001030A CACWfProcMgrPE Online Auto 0 20 CAC Workflow Process Manager Process Engine
D1220001030A FSMSrvr Online Auto 0 20 File System Manager
D1220001030A SFMWfProcMgrPE Online Auto 0 20 SFM Workflow Process Manager Process Engine
D1220001030A ServerMgr Running Auto 4 20 Server Manager

I am sending this whole data to Logstash to parse from Execbeat and trying to filter same using Grok ,

I want only the info data which sample looks like below , and no other info

D1220001030A ServerMgr Running Auto 4 20 Server Manager

It should be stored in separate each line , but the whole file to logstash coming as a single line .

My Grok filter which is matching above line is :

filter {
grok {
match => {"message" => "%{WORD:ServerName}%{SPACE}%{WORD:Comp_Alias}%{SPACE}%{WORD:CompStatus}%{SPACE}%{WORD:CompStartMode}%{SPACE}%{WORD:RunningTasks}%{SPACE}%{WORD:MaxTasks}%{GREEDYDATA:CompName}"}

So , If i see in Kibana , i see whole thing , where as i want beats to send as seperate lines to Logstash so that Logstash will consider each line . Any way can we send the output of my command as seperate lines to logstash ? .Please help .

Thanks in Advance
Saravana S

Any reply here please ?

Any suggestions please ?

Hey @Saravana37,

I don't know about execbeat, but Filebeat sends one line per event by default, would it be possible to use it in your use case?

Thanks @jsoriano for the reply . My requirement is to execute a command in the commandline and send the output to Logstash for parshing . I believe filebeat is for shipping the logs ?

Yes, filebeat collects logs from files and other inputs. You would still need something to execute the command and write the output to a file.

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