Send dictionary objects to logstash


I have a file that is continuously populated with events from a server. The events have the following format:

{"Time": "2018-08-06 16:46:01", "Severity": "Minor", "Equipment": "Server", "State": "Unacknowledged Event", "EventName": "Data Loss", "Location": "Subrack 1, Slot 10", "NeName": "TestNode"

Each event is written on a new line, no delimiter between events.
I don't know what approach to use to send this kind of data to Logstash. Initially I was thinking to use json codec, but my data format isn't exactly json.


I would use a mutate+gsub to append the closing } to the line, then use a json filter (not codec) to parse it.


I worked. Thanks a lot!

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