Send J-flow(Net-flow) to my Logstash to visualize on Kibana


I have set up an ELK server along with a Client Server that are working fine. I configured the client to send Syslogs to Logstash and can visualize it on Kibana and it works fine.

I'm not done yet! I decided to include a Juniper SRX210 router to see if I could send Syslogs and J-Flow to Logstash/ELK Server as well and visualize them with Kibana just like I do with the logs from my Client Server.

How would this be done? I configured my router for J-Flow version 9 by following the following guide;

So, it should be sending it's flow to port 2222 if I'm correct, but how would I be able to check that? I assume that I will need to edit Logstash's input config file so it accepts port's 2222 flow.

Anyone who can help me out with this one?

I'm not familiar with Netflow, but how about a tcp input with a netflow codec?

input {
  tcp {
    port => 2222
    codec => netflow
    type => "netflow"

Yup, that worked.