Send logs Citrix to logstash/elasticsearch

Hello and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: ,

I am new in logstash/elasticsearch. I have a server installed by older technician. So, i understand globally how it works but i have one trouble.

I send logs from my stockage to logstash/Elastic -> no problem, everything works
I send Citrix logs to logstash/elastic -> it doesn't work

I see logs are received to syslog server but they are not integrated. I created specific port (10518) in logstash configuration. Everything seems good.

So i change logs send from stockage to send to 10518 and everthing works, i can see logs. So, my configuration in logstash and elastic for citrix logs is good !

But citrix logs are not integrated and i don t understand why....

how i can find why ? any solutions ?

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