Send logstash output to questdb

Hi, how can i send logstash output to questdb?
which plugin suitable for this aim and compatible with questdb?
which port suitable on questdb for this aim?
I have if condition on output if tag = send then write to table with same name on questdb "send" , if tag = receive write to table with same name on questdb "receive"

Hi @Indeed2000,

Are you looking for a one-off upload or a regular sync?

I've not used QuestDB myself, and with a quick scan can't see a QuestDB specific Logstash plugin. But looking through the documentation you could either:

  1. Export data from Elasticsearch to CSV via the Logstash CSV output plugin and then upload with the QuestDB HTTP API accessible on port 9000.
  2. Using a community plugin or write your own. I see that this one was archived in 2019 so I would use it reluctantly as it's not been tested with later versions of Logstash.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an approach without Logstash, you could use the QuestDB client and Elasticsearch client in a compatible language such as Python or JavaScript depending on your expertise.

Hope that helps!

Hi @carly.richmond need read this from log rile and send to questdb line by line, realtime, continuously like this:
Input file > output questdb

Logstash does not have any output plugin to send logs to QuestDB, I don't think you can use Logstash to this task unless you choose to build your own plugin.

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If you need to move data from logstash to questdb I would suggest putting a third party tool like kafka between them.

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