Send multiple log files to elastic via filebeat

I want to send multiple log files from filebeat to elastic.

Like this,


  - input_type: log
       - /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-2017-04-21_120121.log
     document_type: postgresql
  - input_type: log
       - /var/log/nginx/alpha-acccess.log
     document_type: nginx

In the output, I want to send to elasticseach,

  # Array of hosts to connect to.
   hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
   index: 'postgresql-log'
   versions.2x.enabled: false

I want to store the "postgresql" logs under the postgresql index, and the nginx log under the nginx index.

But here in the filebeat.yml , I can give only 1 name to the index, means these both will be stored under 1 index. How can I store these under different indices ?

I do not want to use logstash as that is too heavy and my system has trouble running logstash.

The index name supports format strings. This should be helpful in your case:

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