Sending metrics to InfluxDB

I'm attempting to use the metrics filter to parse incoming logs, and to dispatch the results to influxdb using the Logstash output for Influx. The influx plugin requires a hard coded list of data points to send to InfluxDB, but since I'm extracting values from incoming logs (for example HTTP status codes) I don't know what the field names will be.

Has anyone had any success configuring the influx output to work with metrics of this form? I've tried using use_event_fields_for_data_points but this doesn't appear to work properly, since the data is not a string => string hash, but rather a string => hash:

{ "@version" => "1", "@timestamp" => "2016-06-01T16:32:06.390Z", "message" => "ip-10-0-28-93", "200" => { "count" => 2, "rate_1m" => 0.0, "rate_5m" => 0.0, "rate_15m" => 0.0 }, "400" => { "count" => 2, "rate_1m" => 0.0, "rate_5m" => 0.0, "rate_15m" => 0.0 }, "tags" => [ [0] "metric" ] }

The data_points field in the influx output would need to be in the form of {"200"=>2, "400"=>2} (if we use only the count of events and ignore the rate values)

Did you find any solution to this?