Separate engines per product type?


just want to hear your opinion; what is the best way to index multiple product types (for example, books, lawn mowers and televisions) by using app search? Each type has their own properties... should you use one engine to rule them all? Or a separate engine per product type, which may result in a lot of engines?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Peter,

I'd love to hear from other community members to get some other opinions.

Generally speaking, I think you'll just want one engine for all of your products.

One thing to be aware of is that by default there is a 64 field limit in App Search. Meaning, an engine schema can only have 64 fields in it. If you're indexing many different products with many different attributes, you might end up needing more than 64 fields to fit all of the various attributes. You can bump that up in the Enterprise Search configuration. You can read more about that here: Configuration | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [7.12] | Elastic. See app_search.engine.total_fields.limit.

Hi Jason,

thank you for your response! I was looking at the same way; creating just one engine. Maybe there are better options, I don't know. I will use one engine for now!


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