Separate response time from message field

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Hi I need to separate the response time in the Screenshot which is "0" and create a new field for it how to do this?

(Anh) #2

Is it some kind of web access log? You can use Grok, Dissect, or CSV (if the log is in csv format) to parse.

(VivSam) #3

Yes those are access logs.
Now am trying to dissect all the fields - - [20/Sep/2017:05:03:19 -0500] 0 "GET /" 200 3493

%{IPORHOST:clientip} %{USER:ident} %{USER:ident} \[%{HTTPDATE:timestamp}\] %{NOTSPACE:request}

This is what i had used for GROK filter what will be the dissect filter for the same logs.
I used this

dissect => {
       mapping => {
        "message" => [
"%{IPORHOST:clientip} %{USER:ident} %{USER:ident} %{USER:auth} \[%{HTTPDATE:timestamp}\] %{NOTSPACE:request} \"(?:%{WORD:verb} \/%{WORD:application}%{NOTSPACE:request}(?: HTTP/%{NUMBER:httpversion})?|%{DATA:rawrequest})\" %{NUMBER:response} (?:%{NUMBER:bytes}|-) (?:%{WORD:ServerHost}:%{WORD:ServerPort})"

This does not seem to work.

(Anh) #4

If it's a custom access log, you can play with Grok using Otherwises, just search in the forum for patterns for common access log types like Apache, nginx, or IIS.

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