Separating request URI path and query in logstash

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I'm new with Logstash so forgive me for this basic question. I'm trying to create a GROK filter to parse the following log lines.

GET /rest/api/latest/user/search?username=xxxxxx&etag=331231 HTTP/1.1
GET /status HTTP/1.1

I'm trying to break string /rest/api/latest/user/search?username=1565349 where string after '?' is optional.

Here is the best I can do which match the first string but not on the second

grok {
    match => {"message" => "%{WORD:method} %{NOTSPACE:req_url}\?%{NOTSPACE:req_param} %{NOTSPACE:protocol}

Also, how to filter out "&etag=......." part from the logstash?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Seems I found a solution.

Use KV filter to break down req_url.

grok {
    match => {"message" => "%{WORD:method} %{NOTSPACE:req_url} %{NOTSPACE:protocol}
  kv {
    source => "req_url"
    field_split => "?"

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