Service Timing out when starting (RHEL)

I'm going through a heck of a learning process here.
I'm trying to setup filebeat on a RHEL server.

We've got filebeat installed and I believe we have all the permissions setup correctly but when I try to start the service it kind of hangs.

I say kind of because the command I'm using to start it
sudo systemctl start filebeat
never finishes activating, I never get control of the terminal back
during the ~20 minutes while it timesout, filebeat is working and shipping logs to our logstash like there's nothing wrong.

Here's the permissions I think are noteworthy:
/etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml is set to chmod 640
filebeat is running as root

Am I missing anything here? Why won't filebeat successfully finish activating?

Oh, I've read the logs at /var/log/filebeat, they act there's nothing wrong either. They don't even mention a timeout, only things like starting filebeat -> setting up harvester -> stopping filebeat

journal -u filebeat states that it timesout
/var/log/messages states that it timesout too.

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