Serving APM server both with and without SSL

Is it possible to serve APM server both with ssl and without ssl?

Hi @Nie,
that's not possible. Would you mind sharing a bit about the use case for this?

You could run two separate APM Server instances if you need different settings.

Got it. I was thinking about 2 separate instances but it will make developers' configuration more painful. The reason I asked about it is because of cutover/transition. Let's assume there are hundreds of java applications, node, rum, etc that are currently pointing to http://internal-apm-server. Based from our experience in real world, dev teams doesn't redeploy their apps on the same day. It takes weeks even if they're in the ci/cd pipeline. If we decide to activate https on the apm-server, all agents will be affected.Good thing that I just started building our apm server. I will use https right away.

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