Set order of filebeat inputs


I want to ship lines from Filebeat to Logstash in a specific input order. The reason I want to do that is that the documents of the second input are basing on the documents of the second input. This means I update those documents I have shipped at first.

I was thinking, that I could reduce the harvester to 1 because then Filebeat would read first the files of the first input before it starts to read the files of the second input, but I can't figure out, how Filebeat determines the order of inputs. Every time I start Filebeat the wrong input will be processed and Logstash throws exceptions because the documents do not exist (yet).

Is there a way to set the order somehow?
Or maybe any workaround?

Thank you and best regards,

Filebeat does not offer any guarantees with ordering of the inputs. Perhaps you could look into using Elasticsearch's enrich processor?

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