Set version for custom beat?

I'm trying to set the version for the custom beats I'm writing, and I must be completely overlooking something. Guidance?

Hi Harold, if you review the following directions, does your custom beat have a version? Does the version of the beat correspond to the version of other beats in your current git branch?


Currently, when I build this beat, it appears as "$BEATNAME-8.0.0" and I have no way of changing it. I have looked through the dev guide linked multiple times, and there doesn't seem to be any indication of how to actually change the version string, which, given that it is being developed through iteration, is posing the real core of the problem.

Currently, I'd love to set it to package as v0.5.0 or something along those lines, so it gets named "$BEATNAME-0.5.0" in the packages.

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