Setting inside config file not work

Hi, I am trying set up the following.
Unfortunately the setting of "setup.template.settings" not work..
After index created, the number_of_share still set to default 3, and the refresh_interval default as 5s.
Is there anything wrong inside the config file?

Also do filebeat have any way to check if the setting is available ? As I also want to confrim if the setting "queue.mem" is working...


Your configuration is OK. Are you sure that the indices you are checking were created after the template was installed?

Note that this is an index template, it affects indices that are created after the template is set, but doesn't change settings on existing indices.

Hi @adrisr , It work when I delete the current template and re-sent the doc.
Seems the template can not auto-renew the template....
Btw, sorry for the late reply and thank you

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