Setup functionbeat with elasticsearch on ECK

Hi friends,

Im looking into setting up functionbeat to ship aws cloudwatch logs to elasticsearch. Ive been looking at the following documentation to setup functionbeat

From what i understand ECK does not support this beat Im not sure it will as it seems completely separate from Kubernetes. What is your take on this?

However there is a section in the functionbeat configuration where i need to point to my elasticsearch cluster on port 9200. How should i deal with this given that my elasticsearch cluster is within kubernetes.

  hosts: ["myEShost:9200"]
  username: "filebeat_internal"
  password: "YOUR_PASSWORD" 
  host: "mykibanahost:5601"
  username: "my_kibana_user"  
  password: "YOUR_PASSWORD"

Is this as simple as exposing my elasticsearch service on port 9200 publicly via loadbalancer? Right now ive only exposed kibana publicly.

You can follow the instructions for setting up a community beat (which is a section we should probably rename as we really mean "any beat not explicitly supported") here which should get you going

I don't understand how community beat helps because functionbeat is not deployed to kubernetes its deployed as a cloud function eg aws lambda function.