Share filebeat config file between filebeats instance

Hi, guys!

I'm just curious, does anyone try to share config file between *beat instance.

Fo exmaple I try to change config path in windows service: "\\\filebeat.yaml" but it seems isn't working...

  • Win 7 x64 Latest update
  • Filebeat 5.4

Any solutions for this kind of problem? (Not only changing path in service)

The config file location is controlled by the -c flag, not

But using a config file that's located on the network creates an implicit dependency on the network. This is less than ideal because the network my not be available when the process launches.

If I have about 3k of computers, do I have to solve my problem of distribution config file with another software?

How are you distributing Filebeat to the machines? I would integrate the configuration with the installation. Most commonly I see tools like Ansible, Puppet, or Chef used to manage the configuration of machines.

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