Ship Filebeat data to public IP Logstash

(Jonar B) #1

I want to connect 2 different machines over the internet.
My server is on public IP which holds the logstash and elasticsearch.
It is possible to send data(filebeat) to the public ip server(logstash/elasticsearch)
Can you share a config example?
What are the security measures if this is possible?

Thank you!

(Andrew Kroh) #2

That would be the standard setup. You can follow the Getting Started Guide then take a look at Security Communication With Logstash.

(Jonar B) #3

Will look into it @andrewkroh. Right now my beat and logstash are working fine but it is on the local network only. I want to setup over the internet direct connection.

(Jonar B) #4

Hello @andrewkroh, I'd check the Security Communication with logstash and i've found out that it is the security transfer from the beats to the logstash.
This may also work but it there a way where the logstash is the one who will send the data to the elasticsearch thru ssl? Since the logstash is still in my local network and I will send the data to the public ip bearing elasticsearch(thru internet).

TIA :smiley:

(Andrew Kroh) #5

The communication between Logstash and Elasticsearch is over HTTP. You can use X-Pack to get HTTPS enabled on the Elasticsearch side. And then configure the elasticsearch output in your Logstash config to use https.

(Jonar B) #6

Is there any other way to send from logstash to elasticsearch? As of now I just open the port 9200 in the firewall.

But I look into this @andrewkroh. Thank you for your input :smiley:

(Andrew Kroh) #7

Are you asking if there is any way other than HTTP/HTTPS to send data from LS to ES? That's the only method. Why do you need another method?

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