Ship login history

On all servers, I use Filebeat and Auditbeat. While I use filebeat for all sorts of things - I only use auditbeat to ship system logins (who attempted to log-on, from where, successful or not). It comes with Auditbeat's default dashboard "Login Dashboard ECS".

Problem is, I have about 10 CentOS 5 machines that can only run Filebeat (Auditbeat is not working on it).

Is it possible to ship the same data with Filebeat? This is an example of what a login entry looks like from Auditbeat:

Login by user root (UID: 0) on pts/0 (PID: 1715) from (IP:

Also, is it possible to have the data end up in the same Auditbeat dashboard?

Thanks ahead.

I thought about /var/log/secure and while I'll definitely try it as an alternative, it has a different format than the one from the snippet code which is from /var/log/wtmp. One obstacle is that it's a binary file. Is possible to have filebeat read from that? And is it possible to have the data shipped into the auditbeat dashboard?

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