Shipping java apm agent logs

On servers where we installed java apm agents/clients, should we be shipping those logs too using Filebeat? It looks weird that Filebeat will be shipping Java apm agent logs. However, I maybe wrong.

If you want to utilize the Elastic logging capabilities, then yes- you need to use Filebeat. I agree it would be nice to have it invisible to you as a user, and we are indeed doing lots of efforts to improve this installation experience, but since those are very different types of data collection and ingestion, they will still make sense to be done separately. You probably wouldn't want your application being busy in exporting entire logs in-process I assume.

Note that there is a real synergy in using both APM and logging if you setup correlation properly. You should definitely check out our brand new java-ecs-logging library before setting it all up.

I hope this helps.

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