Showing All Facet values irrespective of the selections in the other facets

i have two facets and i'm declaring them as disjunctive. the values in the facets show up fine as long as i'm selecting the options in the facet. when i start selecting the options in the second facet, some of the values in the first facet started disappearing. is there a way to show the values irrespective of the selections in the other widgets?

some of the values in the first facet started disappearing

This is because those facet options would have 0 results associated with them. It's usually unhelpful to show users options that when clicked, would result in a "No results" screen.

The options keeps disappearing as soon as you make the selection. user cannot select multiple options in the same facet, even though i have declared the facets as disjunctive. They don't disappear only in the first facet. as soon as i started making selections in the different facet, it keeps disappearing. it will be frustrating to the user as they know they can see the selections, but cannot select them one after another.

              facets: {
                language: { type: 'value', size: 100 },
                regioncountrylist: { type: 'value', size: 100 },
                docClass: { type: 'value', size: 10 },
                docsubClass: { type: 'value', size: 100 },
                business_line: { type: 'value', size: 100 },
                reagentlist: { type: 'value', size: 100 },
                equipmentlist: { type: 'value', size: 25 },
              disjunctiveFacets: ['docClass', 'docsubClass', 'business_line', 'language', 'regioncountrylist'],
              conditionalFacets: {
                docClass: filters => areFilterSelected(filters, ["regioncountrylist", "language"]),
                docsubClass: filters => areFilterSelected(filters, ["regioncountrylist", "language", "docClass"]),
                business_line: filters => areFilterSelected(filters, ["regioncountrylist", "language", "docClass"]),
                reagentlist: filters => areFilterSelected(filters, ["regioncountrylist", "language", "docClass"]),
                equipmentlist: filters => areFilterSelected(filters, ["regioncountrylist", "language", "docClass"])

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