Signed Search Key via API

Hi, I was trying to use SignedSearchKey approach via API but the search and result settings are applied to the whole engine instead for that specifc key. Is there any workaround for that? Like creating keys with predefined search and result settings. So you can just use different keys to search on different specific fields and get differnt result sets.

@malik_aditya What you are describing is exactly how Signed Search Keys work. The keys are encoded with "predefined search and result settings".

Yeah but for that there's a requirement of client. I wanted to avoid client and work directly via API.

@malik_aditya I understand. You can use the client for generating the key and continue passing it into your own API calls as you are currently. Alternatively, if you still want to avoid the client, you could write the code to generate the signed search key yourself. Look at the code the clients run as an example:

I recommend simply using the clients to create a signed search key, they are there as a convenience.

Hi Jason, Thanks for your suggestion. I was able to get the Signed Search Key and use it in API calls.

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