Simple question - http input plugin

Hi there,
I have a kind of newbie question regarding the http input plugin.
The option host says: The host or ip to bind. I changed the default value from to On this ip I have a virtual box test elastic cluster. So after restricting it to this port I send this from my attached client host having this ip
curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -XPUT -i '' --data '{ "TypeID": 100, "quantity": 200 }'
I was expecting to see NO new event in elasticsearch since I restricted the host plugin to, but the event DID arrive.
Therefore my question: What is the function of the host parameter??
Thank you very much.

If I'm understanding this, it's early morning...

Host on the input plugin is what IP to "listen" for traffic. The default is to listen on all. "netstat -anp | grep 'LISTEN'" should show port 8080 listening on but not on localhost.

The host option controls what ip the http input listens on. You cannot control which ips clients connect from.

To get it clear for me, this is what I have defined and running:
host => ""
port => 8080
codec => json
netstat -anp | grep 'LISTEN'
tcp6 0 0 :::* LISTEN 2195/java

Does it then has actually a practical relevance what kind of IP I defnine in host? The client as sender will always send to the server IP ...112 on the port 8080 in this case.
Thank you for your insights!

I think every server I have ever worked on has had multiple IP addresses. The host option determines which of those addresses the input will bind to. is very different to

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