Simple test showing that logstash port is reachable by filebeat

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We are looking at larger number of filebeats installations in the production environments. One challenge is that in some cases logstash host:5044 is not reachable from the filebeat host. How do we check using curl (nc is not available) that filebeat will be able to talk to logstash? I tried in cases where that connectivity is working fine and curl -v will return 'connection refused'; in cases where it does not have connectivity it would hang - but is there a better way/more definitive? I need to tell users that are installing filebeat a definitive way so we do not even go with the install if the connectivity is not working (opening ports is separate task in a sense that we still need to figure out what exactly is needed to establish that connectivity).


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If the telnet utility is available, that can easily be used to test for an open port.

$ telnet 443
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host. 

Let me know if that helps

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Yes - that works well - thanks!

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just for checking a tcp port being available I prefer netcat over telnet though (besides telnet client being available mostly on any system): $ nc -zv <host> <port>. Ncat is a modern netcat on steroids.

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Thank you - we do not have it installed on all VMs so I had to look for different approach - but thanks regardless.

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