Sincedb data logic


I have a question regarding how file information is stored in sincedb file. As I understand, structure of file is file inode/major device name/minor device name/byte offset.

What I can see is that all of this information differs from what I get from OS, as example below:

  • data in sincedb:

7260325595195829238 0 90 13990821

  • data from system:

Device: 26h/38d Inode: 11186418478513722378 Links: 1

From system, I would presume major device number is 2 and minor is 6. Also inode number is different.

Would anyone be so kind to explain how this transition is done?

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Cool question. How did you get these system stats?


I used "stat" + filename.

Have to point out I am running Logstash in docker (possible reason?).

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