Sincedb_path file type


I have to set a sincedb_path file for logstash.

However, I have to create one and I cannot find the file type required. What should it be? (CSV, TXT, JSON...)

Thank you :slight_smile:

No need to create it, Logstash will create it
Just set the path to where you wish to persist it
Every time logstash input process a file, it will update the sincedb file to keep tracking processed files

The problem is, I just set a path... and logstash logs tell me that:

"The "sincedb_path" argument must point to a file, received a directory"

Yes, the path is the absolute path to the file name, example /opt/sincedb/file_tracking.txt
Then it's logstash that will create the file file_tracking.txt

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