Single line files - no newline

I have a single line logfile with no newline character that is not being shipped.

I am aware that this is problematic from both searches here on the forums and some trial and error. With that being said, I don't have the option to change this behavior at the moment so I expect to continue to have single line logs with no newline character.

I've tried close_eof: true and setting close_timeout: 1s, but the issue is not the harvesting of the files - it's that filebeat does not ship the log until a newline is found. Aside from running a sed job on every file that lands and inserting a newline (current solution), is there a way to force filebeat to read to the end of the file and then consider the log complete and ship it?

Edit: this is using the 7.7.0 release of filebeat, but it happens with older releases as well.

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